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Pullip - Make it own!

In honor of 10th anniversary of Pullip, Groove started the new series "Make It Own".
Fans request Groove to make own Pullip dolls. To coordinate a new outfit, to change the wig, to re-make up, the request is in many aspects.

The first line-up is outfits, shoes, wigs and bodies. Each item is packed in a small plastic bag (wigs in small boxes).

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Artikelanlage  14.10.2013
Letzte Änderung  16.01.2017
MIO Shoes Selection: Tassel Shoes x Short Boots (Taeyang!)
Art.Nr.: GRMS-004
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Original Groove "Make it Own" Doll Schuhe für Taeyang!

Groove bringt euch für eure Taeyang Dolls wunderschöne neue Schuh-Sets. Das MIO-Set "Tassel Shoes x Short Boots" besteht aus einem Paar Tassel Schuhe und einem Paar kurzen Stiefeln!

Art.Nr.: OBT21HD-F02N
EUR 5.90 *
1 x 'Kopf 21/23 cm, natural, Typ 2' bestellen
Art.Nr.: OBT21HD-F02W
EUR 5.90 *
1 x 'Kopf 21/23 cm, weiß, Typ 2' bestellen
Art.Nr.: REM15114
Art.Nr.: REM17058
EUR 5.50 *
1 x 'Sumikko Gurashi Shopping at the Market' bestellen
Art.Nr.: GRT-247

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