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Reform the Entertainment! Re-Ment is specialized in producing daily life products as perfectionist miniatures. The richness of detail and the realism of the products outclass common doll house miniatures despite the fact of prices well below than traditional doll house equipment. Thatís why Re-Ment is very popular among collectors and the limited editions sell out quickly!

Re-Ment sets are always dealing with a specific subject, i.e. food for different occasions but also things from everyday life such as sponges or pails. Sets consist of 8-10 individual packages. The item scale is between 1:6 - 1:12.

What's for Dinner, Mom? Today's meal - REM50535 What's for Dinner, Mom? Today's meal - REM50535
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Item added  23/08/2017
Last modified  12/09/2017
What's for Dinner, Mom? Today's meal
Product No.: REM50535
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Re-Ment's set "Today's meal" contains miniatures straight out of mom's kitchen!

A small packet contains 1 of 8 possible random sets.

Product No.: EY-AB10A-BR
EUR 8.90 *
1 x 'Anime Eyes - 10 mm Iris A brown' order
Product No.: 11SH-F004BL-G
EUR 7.90 *
1 x 'Sneakers Blue (11 cm Obitsu Body)' order
Product No.: HD-PB-2302W
EUR 11.90 *
1 x 'Head (Momo/Muffin) for 11/21/23/24 cm bodies, white' order
Product No.: OBT21HD-F02W
EUR 5.90 *
1 x 'Head 21/23 cm, white, Type 2' order
Product No.: REM50527
Product No.: REM50483
EUR 3.90 *
1 x 'Matcha Sweets' order

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