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Taeyang is the male fellow to Pullip. He’s a ca. 34 cm tall, fully articulated japanese "fashion doll" for adult collectors. The outstanding feature is also his disproportionately large head with the striking eyes, which could be moved from side to side and even closed over a mechanism at the back of his head. His body is scale 1:6, so he can wear clothes from other action and fashion dolls such as Barbie's Ken.

Nine times a year a new limited edition Taeyang model is released with its own cool motto in the style of known characters from movies and music.

Product No.: GRI-922
EUR 154.90 *
1 x 'Isul - Nekoneko Maomao' order
Product No.: GRI-936
EUR 154.90 *
1 x 'Isul - Hansel' order
Product No.: GRT-259
EUR 154.90 *
1 x 'Taeyang - ReonHARDT' order
Product No.: GRT-217
EUR 139.90 *
1 x 'Taeyang - Romantic Mad Hatter' order
Product No.: GRI-910
EUR 124.90 *
1 x 'Isul - Multinic Tete' order
Product No.: GRI-912
EUR 149.90 *
1 x 'Isul - Kazuya Kujo' order
Product No.: GRT-248
EUR 149.90 *
1 x 'Taeyang - AKIRA × Destinée de la Rose' order
Product No.: GRI-932
EUR 154.90 *
1 x 'Isul - Glen' order
Product No.: GRI-934
EUR 154.90 *
1 x 'Isul - White Rabbit in Steampunk World' order
Product No.: GRT-258
EUR 169.90 *
1 x 'Taeyang - Albireo' order

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