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As early as 1972 the first Blythe manufactured by Kenner was released. However, after just one year she disappeared from the market but she was reborn in 2001 and successfully manufactured by Hasbro since then. Blythe are approx. 28 cm tall, they have huge heads and proportionally small, highly variable bodies. Middie Blythe are smaller, they stand approx. 20 cm tall.

The Blytheís most unique feature though are her eyes: with a pull of a string attached to the back of her head itís possible to change her eye-colour and the viewing direction as well as closing her eyes! Blythe are very popular among doll collectors since they are extremely versatile and inspiring. They are easy to customize, repaint and individualize!

Middie Blythe Pebble Cake and Shrinking Alice - TKT89937 Middie Blythe Pebble Cake and Shrinking Alice - TKT89937
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Middie Blythe Pebble Cake and Shrinking Alice
Product No.: TKT89937
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This world is filled with wonders! Was it because I ate the pebble cake or because I drank the drink? I'm all small! Why not enjoy this wonderful tea party until I turn back to my normal size? Now, eat up this delicious cake!

Skin Type: Translucent Cream
Make-up colours: brown / pink
Eye Colour:: Light Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Contents: Doll, dress, headdress, earrings, socks, shoes, shorts and stand

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