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Re-Ment Pose Skeleton

It gets spooky! Re-Ment's "Pose Skeleton" series allows skeletons to experience everyday life in a variety of everyday situations and environments, such as walking the dog, cleaning the bathroom, cooking, etc., which makes the whole thing really absurd and funny.

The item scale of Pose Skeleton is approx. 1:18.

Product No.: REM30106
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Bath Time Set' order
Product No.: REM30102
EUR 9.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Bed Set' order
Product No.: REM30042
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Door Set' order
Product No.: REM30104
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Gymnastic Set' order
Product No.: REM30070
EUR 10.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Human #2' order
Product No.: REM30118
EUR 13.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Japanese-style Room Set' order
Product No.: REM30044
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Music Instruments Set' order
Product No.: REM30038
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Rocking Chair Set' order
Product No.: REM30036
EUR 6.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Tatami Set' order
Product No.: REM30124
EUR 12.90 *
1 x 'Pose Skeleton - Visit a Grave' order

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