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Isul - Kazuya Kujo - GRI-912 Isul - Kazuya Kujo - GRI-912
Item added  15/11/2011
Last modified  23/01/2019
Isul - Kazuya Kujo
Product No.: GRI-912
Sold out
"Victorique, I am your friend. Let's solve mysteries together... a situation like that."

The Pullip World meets the very popular Manga and Anime series "Gosick"! Isul is Kazuya Kujo!

Release: March 2012
Size: ca. 29 cm
Material : Body - ABS etc. / clothes
Content: Isul-Doll, doll-outfit, hat, doll stand

Product No.: 11SH-F002B
EUR 6.90 *
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Product No.: GRLP-423
Product No.: GRP-016
EUR 149.90 *
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Product No.: GRB-317

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