Shipping and delivery costs
1. Shipment
All items bought at plasticpop are shipped with DHL.

Important Note: Currently, partial deliveries are not possible due to technical reasons, i.e. goods won’t ship until all items of an order are completely available. Please place separate orders to avoid delivery delays due to unavailable or pre-order items at the time of ordering.

2. Delivery time
All orders are processed by plasticpop immediately after receipt of payment (bank transfer and PayPal) and shipped at the same day depending on time (except of weekends or holidays).

The delivery period experienced with DHL:
1-3 working days within Germany and
6-8 working days all over Europe.
Ususally, we ship daily, from monday to friday.
3. Shipping costs
Shipping costs overview:

Delivery within Germany

EUR 6.90 per package

Shipments within the EU *

EUR 16.90 per package

* Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Kingdom (UK), Republic of Cyprus. We ship only within the EU customs territory!

4. Payment Options
German customers choose between advance payment (bank transfer) payable within a period of 8 days or PayPal (payable within a period of 24 hours).
Customers from abroad (Europe only) choose between advance payment, payable within a period of 8 days (Euro bank transfer SEPA only) or Paypal (payable within a period of 24 hours).
Important! The PayPal account must be registered to an address in the EU. Because of the high fees, we do not accept Paypal payments from non-EU countries!

Important Note!
Despite of all carefulness the shipment could take damage during transport. In this case plasticpop reimburses the damaged product at no charge.

For this purpose please pay attention to the following procedure: transport damages must be complained immediately upon receipt from the supplier (DHL). After that the customer informs plasticpop about the transport damage. If the customer wishes to return the goods, he has to inform plasticpop in advance via eMail or fax.