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How to - Pullip Yuri - Before / After

Today we would love to show you how versatile Pullips can be. For this, we take the new release from the last month, Pullip Yuri, and change her slightly. Maybe you haven't noticed her at all or you just don't care about her "Kimono"-theme. You may, however like a cute and natural doll that looks like the girl next door, who could be your friend or even looks like yourself?
Then we have good news for you:

Pullips can be transformed into another personality incredibly easy, even if you have no experience in customzing dolls!

This is how it goes:
Take off the clothes of your new Pullip and place her gently with her face down on a soft cloth, which you put on your legs. Take a dull (!) knife (butter knife or similar) and try to gently and slowly get between the head and wig at the back (!) of the head of your doll. Work carefully step by step until so much of the wig is removed, that you can reach inside with your thumb. Then pulls the wig off to the front of the head. It's glued only at the edge, so you should have no problems.

Take a new wig of your choice, such as a faux fur wig from our shop that fits just perfect for Pullips or another wig in size 8-9 or 9-10 inches (depending on manufacturer) and place it gently on the head. Usually wigs hold on its own. If your wig slip, you can fix it with self-adhesive Velcro, UHU Tac or similar adhesive pads or even attach it carefully with hot glue (just set 3-4 dots).

Now you just need to put together a nice outfit and you have a brand new Pullip!

Pullip Yuri's outfit in our example contains the following parts:
Dress and turtleneck pullover by Azone
Tights from the Pullip-Outfit-Set Penang Island
Shoes from the Pullip-Outfit-Set Santorini
Head piece from Pullip Yuri

We hope, you liked our before/after-show and we could give you a few tips to individualize your dolls! :)

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